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Full Professor, Université de Lille 1, Sciences et Technologie, LEM (UMR 9221)

Associate Researcher, Telecom ParisTech , ESS department

Associate Researcher, LaRGE, Strasbourg University

Affiliate to SciencesPo LIEPP

Research topics:

  •  Economics of payment :

>>> use of payment instrument

>>> economics of payment system

>>> household credit

  •  Political economy / public economics :

>>> economics of vote and turnout

>>> money and politics / regulation of political finance

>>> fiscal policy and collective decisions

Short description :

Abel François is a Professor of economics at the Lille 1 University (LEM), an affiliated researcher at LIEPP (Interdisciplinary Research Center for the Evaluation of Public Policies) and an associate researcher at LaRGE and Telecom ParisTech (ESS dep.). He earned his PHD in economics from University of Paris Panthéon-Sorbonne. His current research deals with the payment systems, the electoral campaign financing, the electoral turnout and the budgeting processes. He was convenor of the Groupe Argent et Politique (“Money, Politics and Public Policy”) of the French Political Science Association (AFSP). His research mainly proposes empirical perspectives on the interactions between the political dimension and the economic dimension within the political process and has published in American Journal of Political Science, Public Choice, Economic Modelling, Applied Financial Economics, Journal of European Public Policy, French Politics, West European Politics, the Revue Economique, the Revue Française de Sociologie and the Revue Française de Science Politique.

Contact :

Université Lille 1, Sciences et Technologies

Bât. SH2, bureau 114

F 59655 Villeneuve d’Ascq Cedex


Phone :  and Fax : 33.(0)

E : abel.francois{at}

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