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I am a (full) professor of economics at Lille University, department Lille Economics and Management (LEM, UMR 9221). Previous to this, I was an associate professor at Strasbourg University from 2006 to 2015.

I received a Ph.D. and M.A. in Political Economy from University of Paris Panthéon-Sorbonne and a B.A. in economics from Lorraine University. In 2002, I attended the Georges Mason University Public Choice Outreach Conference.

In my research I study interactions between political dimension and economic dimension within electoral and political process. In my work, I try to employ suitable empirical methods to validate answers to a given research question. As a result, I’ve used a variety of methods and data types or collecte processes.

One area of my research deals with political financing since my PhD work. In this research, I find that French regulation of political financing deeply alters fund raising and usage strategies of both political parties and candidates, and then the French politics working. This question has been extended to political and financial management of politicians career and productivity, and electoral participation as well. In 2020, I received from the Public Choice Society the 2020 Duncan Black Prize for the best article contributed by a senior scholar for my paper « Is civic duty a solution to the paradox of voting? » published in journal Public Choice.

Another area of my research is about public finance. I empirically track political, institutional and cognitive factors in budget changes. In particular at the beginning of the « Agenda Project », we highlight the punctuated equilibriums existing in budget evolutions.

Finally, I also study payment behaviors and payment systems in the wake of my post-doc at Telecom ParisTech. Using original data, I question substitution between payment instruments and the impact of technology change on payment usage for the two sides of retail payment market: consumer and merchant.


My research has appeared primarily in economic, political and sociological journals, including the American Journal of Political Science, Economic Modelling, French Politics, International Review of Law and EconomicsJournal of Banking and Finance, Journal of Comparative EconomicsJournal of European Public Policy,  Public Choice, Review of Industrial Organization, Social Science JournalWest European Politics, and French reviews such as Revue Economique, Revue Française de Sociologie and Revue Française de Science Politique.

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Before academic life, I worked as a kids animator, and I grew up in many French corners. Beyond academic life, I love skiing.